Wood Fences

AGCO Fencing offers both cedar and treated pine fences in 4 ft., 6 ft., or 8 ft. heights. These fences are equipped with heavy duty steel framed gates that will last for years to come. Both the cedar and pine fencing meet the requirements of Home Owner Association groups.

Our most popular style, wooden fences have a natural beauty that blends in with the environment while providing privacy, security, and safety for your property, your family, and your pets. Here in southeast Louisiana, the summers are long and hot. Many residents in Denham Springs, Watson, Walker, Prairieville, Livingston, and Baton Rouge find that having a pool makes the hot months more enjoyable. Wooden fences are ideal for homes with swimming pools, allowing you a peaceful retreat while at the same time keeping your pool secure.

Whether you choose cedar or pine, your wooden fence will add value and charm to your property. Trying to decide between cedar and pine? Here are a few facts: The color of cedar pickets is more of a natural reddish, cedar tint. Cedar wood has a nice scent to it, and cedar fences are slightly more durable. Treated pine pickets have a naturally lighter pine shade. Pine fences are our most popular style to date.

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